Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pocket Baidu claims 10 million downloads have been pushed Android version has expired

May 10 message, Artesyn Technologies today learned that wireless Internet strategically important product Baidu Baidu has introduced two handheld support for Blackberry and Android phones are operating platform for mobile client version. Baidu said the majority of future Google phone BlackBerry and Palm Baidu users can directly access and use the Baidu products and services.

Related statistics show that the scale of the current mobile phone users in China has more than 740 million, of which the total number of mobile Internet use has reached more than 233 million wireless Internet applications is growing at an unprecedented pace of development rapid growth. Among these, the increase in volume of smart phone users especially.

With analysts believe that with the popularity of smart phones, public Internet access center from the old computer desk to spread to every corner of the, which has become a beachhead of wireless Internet giants have the reason. In this case, Baidu announced in 2009, wireless Internet will be its future strategic direction of one of the core to mobile handheld Baidu represented subsequently turned out to client products.

Baidu said the wireless side, accumulated current, Palm downloads Baidu has reached 10 million or more, with more than 20 domestic manufacturers cooperate to achieve built-in or pre-installed. Baidu launched the BlackBerry handheld version and Android version is from the official launch by the end of November last year, a new release.

It is reported that so far, including search, paste it, I know that journalism, space, forums, Baidu's range of products have been successfully completed on the handheld Baidu transplant. Pocket Baidu has realized Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphone platform and so almost all of its various software version support.

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